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Round 1 results have been uploaded again due to a timing error.

Entry form and Supp Regs for the Peter Hall Memorial - 6 Hour Modern Regularity Relay are now available.

The MSCA inconjuction with the Alfa Club will be running a driver training day on Saturday 30th May 2015. Read the programme we are looking at putting together and the supplementary regulations will be uploaded once approved.
(The programmer is available under the 'Skills Enhancement' menu)

Dear Motorsport Enthusiast,
The TAFESA Automotive Program at Regency Campus is please to present a course for people who wish to attend their first track day or sprint and would like a better understanding of vehicle set-up and preparation for the event.
The Basic Vehicle Track Day Preparation Course will provide students with a basic knowledge of:

  • Both Vehicle and competitor preparation
  • Required licenses for events
  • Driver etiquette
  • Basic track flag meaning
  • Basic vehicle mechanical checks
  • Safety equipment, clothing and fire equipment
  • Tyre types, using pyrometers to read tyres
  • Basic wheel alignment set up
  • Basic corner weighting
  • Brakes and brake fluid
  • Basic suspension understanding and set up
  • Basic dyno checks of air fuel ratio

  • This course will be presented with both Theory and Practical Sessions using the new TAFESA Automotive facilities at Regency Park

    The course is six weeks in duration and will run in the evening between 6.00pm - 9.00pm.

    The course will commence in early March.

    For more information please refer to the attached Flyer or refer to the TAFESA Website:
    TAFESA Website

    For enrolment information contact:

    Leigh White 08 83484422

    For course information contact:

    Jamie Campbell 08 8348 3912

    Dorians are required by all drivers and can be purchased by ringing Sue on 0408 858 046 and paying the cost of $430.00 each. We will give you one sprint grace but a record is being kept.

    Sprint Information

    To clarify the running of super sprints, there will be four runs at each round but, should there be delays during the day and the fourth run has not started by 3:00pm, it will not be counted as an official run. The annual scoring system will continue to be based on the competitor's best four events for the year and he/she must complete all available official laps at each of those four events. The novices practice session will continue to be conducted under the current system following a novices' briefing. Regular competitors wanting to try something new, e.g. run in an engine or bed brakes, will be offered a 10 to 15 minute session early in the day during the novices briefing. Those wishing to take advantage of this session must nominate before the event, on the entry form, indicating their reason for the request and there will be a limit of twenty in this session. It may be possible to ask on the day but the limit will still apply.

    MSCA Revised Formup Procedure

    1. New entry form will have provision to nominate your fastest lap time 2011 remember to put your fastest lap time on the entry form before posting.

    2. MSCA will then allocate a group number, Group 1 being the fastest cars.

    3. Depending on entries, there could be 4 or 5 groups.

    4. MSCA will allocate the entrant a Group Number and Grid number in form up.

    5. The driver will, for the day, always be in his / her nominated Group and Grid number.

    6. Double entered cars, previous lap times will be used with both drivers being allocated a Group and Grid number allowing time for car number and Dorian change over.

    7. Double entered cars with one driver being a newcomer. Newcomer will be given a practice session to establish a time.

    8. No practice for experienced drivers unless their car has had major engine upgrades from the previous year.

    9. We will now have 4 runs of 5 laps with a lunch break.

    10. Check the MSCA website approx 1 week prior to the event to to get your Group and Grid number, this will also give the entrant the opportunity to ensure the MSCA did receive their entry.

    Contact Details

    Our address is: P.O. Box 338, Daw Park 5041
    Phone No: 0408 858 046



    The M.S.C.A was formed in the early 70's to give the smaller Sports Car Clubs of South Australia the opportunity to compete at the Mallala Motorsport Racing Circuit and in Motorkhanas and Hillclimbs. With only a low number of members competing from each club, the individual members joined the M.S.C.A., allowing those drivers to compete in their cars. The Marque Sports Car Association is an association of 16 Clubs with the CAMS affiliation fee being paid by the association and the individual Clubs paying the M.S.C.A. an annual subscription fee.

    Since its inception we have grown from 3 cars on the track with no passing to now up to 18 cars on the starting grid, starting in pairs flagged off 5 seconds apart, with 5 flying laps and passing on the straights only. We now run all super sprints using the Dorian Timer System which has taken over from the computerised timing system and hand held stopwatches which we used to use.

    Full safety systems are in place for every Super Sprint with an Ambulance, Fire & Rescue, Course Car, Recovery Team and manned Flag Bunkers with trained Officials. A maximum of 120 entries for each Sprint with all cars being Scrutineered before entering the track.

    Classes are from the standard road cars to full race cars. Grids are made up from your dominated fastest times on the entry form with these being available the Thursday prior to each sprint on our website. You get at least 3 runs of 5 laps to Sprint around the track. Sprints are an ideal way to learn car control for every day driving with the Super Sprint Series run over 12 months with 5 rounds and a 6 hour Modern Regularity Relay.

    We also have a Driver Training Day run by our more experienced drivers showing you car control exercise such as braking into corner, driving to avoid obstacles on the road and cadence braking. A Club Display Day is held a the beginning of the year which incorporates the trophy presentation from the previous year.

    Costs are kept to a minimum with the licence required is a CAMS Level 2S current cost of $119.00, plus membership with M.S.C.A. is currently $20.00 but you must join an affiliated Club listed below.

    Alfa Romeo Owners Club of S.A
    Austin Healey Owners Club of S.A.
    BMW Club of Australia
    Bolwell Car Club of Australia
    Fiat-Lancia Car Club of SA
    Honda Car Club of S.A
    Jaguar Driver Club
    Mazda Mx-5 Club of S.A
    Mercedes Club of S.A.
    M.G Car Club of S.A
    Mini Club of S.A
    Modified Mini Car Club of S.A
    Nissan Datsun Car Club
    Sprite Car Club of S.A
    Sunbeam Car Owners Club
    Triumph Sports Owners Assoc.

    Next Event

    Sunday 3rd May,
    Peter Hall Memorial
    6 Hour Regularity Relay